Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Kind to Your Heart

We interrupt your regular program for a quick PSA. February is heart month. I urge you all to take care of your hearts. My personal blog has annual reminders but you can basically get my full story here.

One in three American women die from heart disease, making it the leading killer of women in America. In 2002, heart disease killed more women than breast cancer, lung cancer and strokes combined, according to statistics from the National Heart Lung and Blood institute.

Have a heart. A healthy one. Make a promise to love- and protect- your heart today!

Ironically, February 11th  marks the 10 Year anniversary of when I had my heart attack.  I am so very lucky to still be around to bug the heck out of everyone. So consider yourselves bugged!

Visit Go Red For Women to learn the facts, be aware of the warning signs and get yourself checked out.

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