Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrappitizers Time!

I was finally able to host my Nasoya Wrappy Hour party this past Sunday.  After a couple of date changes, we finally got our act together.  Sort of.  I had a hard time finding the wrappers at my area Publix. I considered changing the date again, but with the holiday parties approaching, I knew that I would not be able to reschedule for any time before 2011.  I finally hit Winn Dixie at the suggestion of @Nasoya on Twitter.  This saved me a 45 minute drive to Whole Foods. Forget the fact that Winn Dixie only had TWO packages of egg roll wrappers available in stock.  I snatched them up and made my way to the register with my handy dandy coupons.  While waiting in line at the register, I notice the "use by date" on one package was Dec11.  Um, no.  One package would have to do.  Fortunately, we were only a total of 6 including myself.  I cant believe how much I got out of one package! I made 10 chicken empanadas. 6 spinach artichoke egg rolls, 12 mini dessert cups and made chips with the left overs! I had also made my famous cranberry & feta salad, so nobody would go away hungry.

 Chicken Filling

 Chicken Empanadas

There are a couple of things that I learned.  Number one being that I can never get a job as an egg roll roller. My "egg rolls" looked nothing like your regular egg rolls!  I also learned that I loved the presses that Nasoya sent me! They are so easy to use! Since I can't be an "egg roll roller" maybe I can survive as an empanada maker!

One last lesson  learned, is that I must remind my female guests that I would like to take and post pictures.  I must do this not only when I invite, but also several times before the event including the day of said event. That way they can be totally primped and made-up and allow me to take and post pictures! Geez! Even after a couple of sangrias, they were unwilling models.

We did have a great time and they enjoyed the food. Each of my guests left with a recipe pamphlet, an apron and coupons for free product and $ off.  If it weren't for the party poopers, my photos would be more interesting. But whatever. We'll be getting together again in January, and I want to make the crab rangoons.  There are wrapping instructions on the Nasoya website.  Maybe with a little practice my rolling skills will improve.

 Getting ready to roll
 Spinach Artichoke Filling

 Spinach Artichoke Egg Roll, Chicken Empanada, Nutella & Whipped Cream Dessert Cup
I baked everything because I do not like frying inside the house. Plus it is healthier.  Although everything toasted up quite nicely, I believe that the wrappers would have a nicer texture when fried. All in all, I really liked the wrappers.  The price is great.  I just wish that my Publix will actually carry them soon.  I also really want to try the Nayonaise. I see a trip to Whole Foods in my future.

***To help defray the cost of the party, I am being provided with products, coupons and a gift card by Nasoya®. All opinions expressed are strictly my own. Please refer to my disclosure policy***

Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Coke Rewards

If you collect My Coke Rewards codes, be sure to get your Bonus Points! Between 12/6 & 12/26, if you enter 3 12 pack codes each week, you will get an additional 20 bonus points each week for a total of 60 points over the three weeks! Valid on Coke®, Diet Coke®, Sprite® and Coke Zero.

Since I am slightly addicted to Diet Coke, I end up with tons of codes.  I have redeemed for some cool stuff including 2 tickets to Universal Studios Orlando and 2 tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood! Cool beans!

Meet Mark: Body Care that Cares

There are many, many brands of body care items out on the market, but not many are Fair Trade Certified™ . Products which are Fair Trade Certified™, promote fair prices, safe working conditions and funds for community development for the millions of farmers who grow and source products like Mexican honey, Indian white tea, Peruvian cocoa butter and Egyptian hibiscus. By using products that are Fair Trade Certified™, you help support the future of the planet and the people living in it.

I was recently given the opportunity to try and review four products by mark. Appropriately named "mark. body care that cares". Each product is fragrance free and allergy tested. I personally do not care for un-scented products. But for many that are sensitive to fragrances, these products will be ideal. The good thing about fragrance-free products, is that it won't interfere with your perfumes. I used the products for a little over a week before posting this review. The following products are all formulated with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and antioxidants.

  • Do The Right Thing Smoothing Body Lotion SPF 15 with Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Honey, and Hibiscus - $12
  • I found the lotion to be light and soothing. It is easily absorbed and I LOVE that it contains sunscreen. Sunscreen is a daily must for me, I appreciate that this lotion leaves my skin hydrated but not oily. The lack of scent is the only thing that I do not like.
  • Fresh Approach Hydrating Body Cleanser with Fair Trade Certified™ Honey and White Tea - $10
  • I did not like this product as a body cleanser simply because it really does not lather up well. I used it as a facial cleanser though, and I loved it! It is light, gentle, and did not dry up my face. I also used it as a shave lotion, it worked well and did not clog up my razor.
  • The Big Fix 15-in-1 Big Benefits Balm with Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, and Vanilla - $10
  • Now this one, I absolutely LOVED! I used it on my heels & elbows. I also used it on my lips (after wiping it down!LOL) It also works well as a brow wax. All in one portable stick. Perfect for travel.
  • Relief Effort Total Comfort Body Creme with Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, and Chamomile - $14
  • This creme is wonderful as well. Again, no scent. It is thick but it is easily absorbed and keeps your skin hydrated. I live in sandals and my heels take a beating. After just 2 days of using this creme at night, my heels were smooth.

By choosing Fair Trade Certified™ products you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship. Learn more at

Try these products for yourself. Find the mark. body care that cares collection exclusively at Use offer code BUYFT3 for $3 off any body care that cares product (no limit). That's $3 off each mark. body care that cares product that you buy.

**I am a BzzAgent . I was provided free products to review and provide an honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid for this review **