Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REVIEW: Wilson La Davine Capri Pant

The Wilson La Davine Capri Pant is a compression fit Capri that is lightweight, breathable, and flattering. The premium technical fabric and design allow for maximum moisture wicking and comfort. The Capri has versatile functionality whether training in the gym, playing on the tennis court, or just out and about running errands.
As some of you may already know, I am a bit disabled right now due to a severe tibia & fibula fracture.  Unfortunately, I won't be hitting the court anytime soon.  I'm talking about the tennis court. I am no pro-tennis player by any means, but I do enjoy going out and playing with friends for fun. Although, for the most part, I am running around chasing errant balls. But I digress.

I had volunteered to review a pair of Wilson La Davine Capri Pants.  That was before the accident. I just received the pants a few days ago. I did try them on, and they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Especially the waistband. I have even worn them to physical therapy a few times. But, that is not a real work out.  At least not a real, sweat my rear off workout. So, I recruited my daughter to try the pants for a spinning class.  That might have been a huge mistake on my part. Primarily because she has not returned them to me. She loved that after an hour of spinning, it didn't feel or look like she had wet her pants. She liked how they looked on her too. You know that looking cute is always a huge plus!

I can't wait to put them to the test myself! Hopefully I'll be walking again soon and eventually, back to actual workouts. In the meantime, I have my eye on the Wilson La Davine Tank & Skirt and the Monarch Tank & Skirt too! Those can be my reward for all the painful PT sessions!

**This post was written for Wilson Tennis who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. No payment or compensation was received for my review**

Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Système 41 Rejuvenating Masque

"Growing older may be inevitable, but looking older doesn't have to be!" 
                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Système 41

Système 41 combines 100% natural ingredients along with cutting-edge science for dramatic age defying results. It uses the latest micro-encapsulation technology to condense it's vitamins, marine extracts, and other active ingredients into tiny molecules, similar to those on the surface of your skin.

As a result, every active ingredients in the Système 41 formula acts as a deep-penetrating delivery system in and of itself. Together, they work synergistically  to defeat lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging down to the deepest levels of your skin.

The Système 41 Rejuvenating Masque exfoliates while restoring radiance. Amazon White Clay decongests pores and lifts impurities while Olive Squalane helps your skin hold moisture and suppleness. Natural Pomegranate and Papin Enzymes gently remove superficial dead skin cells. The special skin Probiotic Complex shields skin from harsh elements while supporting overall skin health.

My Thoughts

I received a sample of the Système 41 Rejuvenating Masque ($29.95) At my age, I am always looking for products that combat the signs of aging.  Short of surgery, I plan on fighting til the bitter end. One huge plus about the Système 41 products is that they contain all natural ingredients.  No animal testing, no artificial colors or ingredients, no chemicals or acids PLUS it's manufactured in the USA!

The texture of the masque is a bit odd and it doesn't go on smooth like other products that I've tried. You can just use it as a scrub and rinse off right away. Or you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes and use as a masque. I chose to do both.  I first applied it to my face while gently exfoliating. Then I left it on for 20 minutes.. You can immediately feel the slight tingling which, to me, is a sign that it's working.  It does not rinse off easy though, so I had to use a washcloth to wipe it off. My skin did feel cleaner and smoother. I am considering possibly investing in the complete line, just to see how everything works together.  The main selling point for me is that it contains absolutely no chemicals or acids. They offer a no risk "bottom of the jar" guarantee, so it's worth a try!

**This post was written for It's a Glam Thing & Systeme41 who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. No payment or compensation was received for my review**

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: CardiWrap by Kymaro

Travel much? We sure do try. And every single time, I attempt to travel light. I may not always succeed, but I do way better than my DH! He's worse than a girl! Come October, we are booked to fly to Paris, then to Barcelona and finally end up on a trans-Atlantic cruise back to Florida. With baggage fees the way they are, we definitely need to pack light. So I was really excited to get the opportunity to review the CardiWrap by Kymaro.

The CardiWrap is single multifunctional wrap can be twisted, tossed, tucked and slung to create 50 different figure-flattering styles and is an indispensable wardrobe addition.

I received a black CardiWrap, which is perfect since it goes with every color. I tried a few different ideas and some worked well for me, while others didn't. But it's nice to experiment and see what works well for you. The sleeves did feel a bit snug around the armpit area on me, but that may be because I am carrying a few extra pounds. Hopefully, by October, I can wear more styles. I had my daughter try some styles and they looked great on her. I'm sure that the average person can find at the very least 10 styles that they can work with. It can be used as a loose cardigan, a shawl, a wrap and even a scarf. I particularly liked the loose draped styles and the belted styles too! It will definitely be my go to item for our trips!

I'm still in my wheelchair, so my photos would not do the product much justice. The Cardi Wrap comes with a booklet with 56 styles for you to try. You can also check out the CardiWrap by Kymaro website to see the many style options plus you can come up with some of your own.  The possibilities are endless.

The Kymaro Cardi Wrap is available in seven colors and two sizes and comes with a Style Book illustrating how it can be worn in a limitless number of ways. Use it to go to the office and then change its style for a night out on the town. The Cardi Warp is made from light-weight fabric labeled 100% Viscose and is machine washable. Fantastic! Because I hate paying for dry cleaning! I have never heard of viscose, but it's a soft material like rayon and it drapes really well.

It is available  in two sizes. Misses & Plus Size. And comes in seven colors... blue, black, red, gray, pink, purple and tan. The price is $49.99 including shipping.

About Kymaro

Kymaro is owned by BJ Global, a pioneering company in affordable and practical consumer products. For more than 20 years, the Irvine, Calif.-based company has engaged in all aspects of the direct-response industry from designing, marketing and distributing products to producing infomercials. Founded and run by BJ Fazeli, BJ Global sells dozens of products under the Duragear and Kymaro brands. The latter takes its name from Fazeli’s three daughters: Kyara Fazelli, Mahdice Fazeli and Romy Alahmari. The sisters are behind such popular products as Body Shaper, Bust Up Cups, Cardi Wrap and Rhythm Rocker.

This is not a paid post. This post was written for Family Review Network & Cardi Wrap who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.