Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician® Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Through the years, I have abused my hair to no end. I have permed, colored & highlighted. I blow dry, curl iron & flat iron. I'm always looking for a way to keep the signs of abuse from showing. BzzAgent recently sent me the Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician® Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner to try. I was also sent samples of the Glossing Cream™.

Products within the Fekkai line:
  • Have luxurious textures and refreshing, invigorating scents
  • Help maintain the healthy look of your hair
  • Have all been tested in the world-renowned Frédéric Fekkai Salons
  • Are developed to meet the standards of Fekkai's A-list clients
  • Address specific needs of different hair types
  • Include shampoos, conditioners, masks, glazes, mousse, creams, lightweight hairsprays and shine mists.
With four high performance collections available, beautifying your hair is easy:

With olive oil
Helps restore shine to normal or dull hair

Shea Butter
With shea butter
Helps restore moisture to dry, unruly hair

Technician® Color Care
With Triple Color protection complex
Helps prevent fading and guard against UV rays

Full Volume®
With botanicals
Adds body and volume to fine, limp hair

Glossing Cream™ – The Fekkai Finishing Touch
This award-winning, frizz-fighting, soft-seeking shine cream works for nearly every hair type. With olive oil, it reboots shine. This superstar formula is a secret from the runway to the red-carpet for that finishing touch.
The trick is using just the right amount – a pea size is enough to add that perfect finishing touch. Rub in your palm and run through your hair – avoiding the roots.

I really, really didn't want to like these products, and I'll explain why later. But I did. The shampoo has a nice, soft floral scent. The conditioner had a slightly bolder scent that leaned towards the fruity, but not bad plus a little goes a long way. I did not have to use huge globs. They not only leave your hair feeling super soft and healthy, but my color has not changed or turned brassy. You can also feel the difference as you are using. With some other shampoos, my hair feels like a blob of knots as I shampoo, not so with Fekkai. The Glossing Cream is AMAZING! At first I thought that a cream would weigh my hair down. Nothing could be further from the truth. After styling, my hair was soft, beautiful & shiny. I am my own worst critic and I loved looking at and touching my hair.

Now, for the downside. The product is very pricey. That is why I did not want to like it. At all. I mean the small 8 oz bottles are $22 at Target slightly less on Amazon. And I wash my hair practically every day! Can I afford myself that luxury? I have debated that question over and over. And although I really can't, I do love how my hairs looks & feels. So after a long debate with myself... shut up! yes, I do talk to myself!... I decided that I would use the Fekkai shampoo and conditioner every 3rd wash and the glossing cream every day! Might as well put truth behind my husband's claim that I am high maintenance! ;-)

**I am a BzzAgent. I received the products free of charge to review, share, and provide my honest opinion.***

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