Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: George Foreman GRP4B Next Grilleration™

In my house, Summer generally means cook outs and pool time. My husband has a fancy schmancy outdoor grill which he considers his baby and uses it quite often. But what happens when it rains? The BBQ is out in the open, so it usually means that we have to bring the stuff in and mess up my kitchen.  Because of this, I was so happy to receive the George Foreman GRP4B Next Grilleration™ Removable Plate Grill to try.

When I first opened the box, I was thrilled to see that the unit is sleek and black. The grill surface (72 is smaller than I expected though. The biggest plus is that it comes with removable grill plates! My old George Foreman Grill did not have removable plates, and clean up was a chore. I remember saying that they should invent something that could be removed. Well, now they did and I love it!

This is a spacious yet sleek 72" grill that offers easy clean up grilling for the whole family.

* 72 square inch grilling surface lets you cook for 4
* 2 dishwasher-safe removable grill plates for easy clean up
* Temperature indicator light indicates plates are at grilling temperature
* Integrated handle is ergonomic & compact
* George Tough™ Triple non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil
* Patented sloped grill design knocks out the fat
* 1 ½" floating hinge works to accommodate thick cuts of meat
* Embedded heat elements provide consistent heat & rapid recovery time
* Dishwasher-safe removable plates with cool-touch handles for easy clean up
* 2 Plates included: 2 ribbed grill plates
* 2 drip trays catch run off liquids for no-mess clean up
* 2 spatulas are customized for grill

Knock Out the Fat™ new fat-reduction claim:
New results of independent testing show that the George Foreman Grill removes up to 42% of fat from quarter-pound burgers made with 80/20 ground chuck beef, translating to a reduction of approximately 89 calories per burger!

Learn more about the Knock Out the Fat™ claim

Of course, I put it to the test.
 What was in the box

 About to grill the burgers

 Look at all that nasty fat!

What I liked:

* The removal grill plates. Clean up was a breeze. So much easier than with my other GF Grill!
* The sleek design
* The amount of fat removed.

What can be improved:

* The grill surface. They say that you can cook for 4, I say 2 maybe 3.
* The cord is very short. Just a few more inches would be nice.

All in all, I liked George Foreman GRP4B Next Grilleration™ Removable Plate Grill. I will continue to use it like I did my old GF Grill. I love making chicken breasts and pressed sandwiches on the grill. Now I won't hesitate in using the grill just because I don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning it. I still have to clean it, but it's so much easier to do now.

This post was written for Family Review Network & George Foreman Grills who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for honest opinion.

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