Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Downy Un-Stopables

I do not LOVE doing laundry. Actually, the actual doing it doesn't bother me. My machine does all the work. The part that I HATE is folding & putting away.  I love having clean & fresh smelling clothes though. So yes, it's a LOVE/HATE relationship.

I received a sample bottle of Downy UNSTOPABLES™ in wash scent booster from Vocalpoint a couple of weeks ago. First of all, let me say that I love scents. I love candles,warmers, plug-ins, sprays...well, you get the picture. So this product definitely appeals to me.

I find that using just a little bit gives my laundry just the right amount of scent. You use as little or as much as you like. I have yet to use it together with fabric softener though. I'm not quite sure how both scents would meld. I may just switch to the Downy unscented softener or just stick to dryer sheets instead. I do love scent, but I don't like to mix scents. I also like that Downy UNSTOPABLES™ is safe to use in my HE washer.

Now, it's not all butterflies & roses. There is one downer. I find the price point to be a quite high. I saw it at Target for about $6 per bottle. Considering that I will be using Downy UNSTOPABLES™ in addition to everything else that I use in the wash, I have to ask myself; "Is the added cost worth it?" It is just scent after all. A 'want' not a 'necessity'. Will I buy Downy UNSTOPABLES™ in the future? That is yet to be determined. It depends on how long the bottle will last and how many coupons & sales become available.

Funny Story. When my girls were little, we were visiting a friend and my girls went in the pool. My friend brought out towels for them, and my sweet, polite girls embarrassed the heck out of me. When they dried their face, the both... at the same time... exclaimed that the towels smelled bad! As I turned every color of red, I bent down to tell them to stop and realized that the towels did not smell bad. They just did not smell like Downy.

If you are anti-scent, then this product is not for you. But if you LOVE scent like I do, then grab yourself a  bottle and try it for yourself.

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